Rocket League Championship Series

The ninth Rocket League World Cup: The Rocket League Championship Series by Psyonix kicked off on February 1st, 2020. 20 teams compete to earn their spot in the Regional Championship and the final LAN. For now, 10 teams compete in each regional bracket: Europe & North America. Let’s take a look at the current standings after one month of competition. 

Team Dignitas is still ruling over Europe 

The European bracket of the 9th RCLS is ruled by team Dignitas. With no losses in 4 series, they have the best chances to directly qualify for the Regional Championship semi-finals. For that, they’ll have to deal with Renault Vitality and Veloce Esports, who only count one loss so far. Only 4 games out of 9 are already played and the standings could easily change before the end of the Championship Series. 

G2 Esports goes unbeaten 

The team G2 Esports is in the same situation as Dignitas. 4 wins 0 losses and the 1st place after 4 games. But as for the European bracket, the competition will be really strong for the 5 remaining games. 3 teams have only been beaten once and are going to do whatever it takes to win the 1st place and earn their spot for the Regional Championship semi-finals. NRG Esports, Susquehanna Gaming and Spacestation Gaming count 3 wins for 1 loss. If any of them beats G2, they will tie. 

Schedule & rankings are available here:

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