February 27, 2020
fox smashbros
In this video, the famous Swiss video-maker Bronol chats with Yass about the game Smash Bros. and reveals the tips and tricks of the character Fox. With more than 200k subscribers to his channel, Bronol is passionate about video games and a well-known influencer in the Smash Bros. community. He is one of the content...
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Video Credit: Esports Minute by Game One.  Will 2020 be the year of esports in France? What are the upcoming trends that will drive success? Will there be a new flagship game? Game One asked these questions to Jordan “Next” Savelli, a former CS:GO player, now the manager and head of the Nicecactus Esports Division.
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Video Credit: Esports Minute by Game One. Jordan “Next” Savelli has all the qualities of a man who has made a place for himself in the esports world, through his ability to adapt his skills to different disciplines. In turn amateur player on CS: GO, semi-pro manager for female teams, and pro manager at Envy Gaming, he...
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