Yass shares with Bronol tips to defeat Fox character

In this video, the famous Swiss video-maker Bronol chats with Yass about the game Smash Bros. and reveals the tips and tricks of the character Fox.

With more than 200k subscribers to his channel, Bronol is passionate about video games and a well-known influencer in the Smash Bros. community. He is one of the content creators most followed by the different French-speaking communities in Europe. Bronol discovered the Smash Bros. universe with the very first title of the series originally released on Nintendo 64, and the franchise became a firm favorite with him. After that, he smashed his way through all the other installments up to Ultimate. He entered the competition in 2018 with Smash 4 and started making videos about the game.

Yacine „Yass“ Echaoui is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro player sponsored by Nicecactus.gg. He is regarded as the best Fox player in Europe and was part of the AS Monaco Esports from February to August 2019, before joining our ranks. Thoroughly passionate about the series, he has played all the titles since the game was released for the Nintendo 64. Despite his high level, he didn’t get seriously involved in competition until 2018.

In his private life, he is also a high school teacher of law, economics and management. Because of his outreach, his students often recognize him in the classroom.

According to Yass, Fox is an offensive and fearsome character, but his strength is double-edged. This video focuses on what Fox is good at, and most importantly, on his weaknesses.

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